Corporate Services

Industrial Fire Insurance

Fire insurance covers all kinds of building and its contents used for private or commercial purposes and covers the physical damages caused by fire, lightning, explosion and steam, heat, smoke caused by them. In addition, physical damage resulting from interventions made with water or other chemical substances is included in the scope of this insurance in order to extinguish the fire that has come to the fore, thus reducing possible damage.

Boat, Yacht & Shipbuilding Insurances

It is mainly insured against the following risks.

All sea accidents and hazards (crash, crackling, landing, capsizes, storm)

Fire, lightning, explosion

Earthquake, volcanic eruption


Contact with aircraft

Theft of the yacht or service boats

Have stolen using the machine or equipment

Loss of life and property of third persons due to an accident caused by the yacht (limited to the cost of boat insurance)

Debris removal costs (limited to boat insurance cost)

Malicious acts (including the barbarians of captains and seafarers)

War, strike, upheaval, popular movements collateral can be added for additional premium.

Shipping & Engineering Insurance

Any kind of cargo carried by land, sea, air and other places from one place to another provides security against damages that may arise during transportation.

Energy Insurance

Construction and installation insurances provide coverage against many sudden and unexpected risks unique to the project from the beginning to the end of the project. We provide efficient service to our contractors in many countries of the world with high capacity, risk engineering studies and technical subcontracting, and thanks to our extensive service network, we are delivering the damage in the shortest possible time.


Construction / Installation Insurance Risk Including Collateral:

Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Flood, Ceylon, Snow, Avalanche, Storm)
Fire, lightning, explosion, Theft
Human-induced Damages (negligence, neglect, etc.)
All other cases not exempt from the General Conditions of Construction / Installation Insurances during the execution of the Project.

Liability Insurance


Occupational Liability Insurance

Financial Liability against Third Parties

General Conditions of Private Security Financial Liability Insurance

Coastal Facilities Marine Pollution Financial Liability

Employer Financial Responsibility

Aviation Insurance

Air Vehicle Boat (Body) Fuses Insurance

Air Vehicles - Third Party Liability Insurance

Passenger Liability Insurance

Cargo and Mail Liability Insurance

Passenger and Flying Team Seat Personal Accident Insurances

License Loss for Pilots

Airport Operator Liability Insurance

Credit Insurance

In case of loss of life or full and permanent disability of the customers who use personal loans, the borrower is secured. In the case of being unemployed, the insurance is also a loan that repays the loan installments in the scope of guarantee.

Construction All Risk

It guarantees a very wide range of risks that can be caused by nature, technical and human factors, from the reduction of building materials to the construction site, to the start of plant use.

Bank Insurance

Bank Insurances; The insurance covers the following financial losses during the stock market, bonds and bills market operations.

Bad intent and abuse,

Error and revolt,

Fraud and alteration,

Cyber crimes.

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