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Car insurance is paid with premiums that vary according to the age, technical specifications and model of the vehicle. It can be paid in one time or it can be paid by credit card and in installments. The day starts when the insurance protection payment is made or the first installment is paid. Motor insurance is made for 1 year. Vehicles that do not interfere with any accident during the insurance period have attractive advantages such as the reduction of non-damage in the following year and the following years. It is possible to expand the scope of the policy and the security with the additional collaterals besides the main collaterals.

Traffic Insurance

Traffic insurance is a compulsory insurance for motor vehicle owners in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law no 2918. Road motor vehicle owners are obliged to renovate their traffic insurance policies annually from the date of purchase of their vehicles. If there are no traffic insurances and the vehicles that pass the road are to be detected at the road controls, they are entrusted to the traffic and withdrawn from the traffic. It is not possible for the vehicle to be taken out of traffic or delivered to the owner of the vehicle without insurance before the policy is delivered to the relevant memorandum.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Property insurance is a policy for the purpose of securing against the possibility of damages to property used for housing and property within it. The housing insurance, which is preferred by those who want to secure both their home and their own goods, is one of the insurance that provides the financial guarantee.


Health insurances are special policies that enable people to receive their health care from private hospitals and healthcare facilities. A wide variety of content and types of healthcare are also known as health insurance.
In fact when it comes to health insurance, we all come to think of public health insurance. In our country, where the insurance industry has been rising in recent years, people have not had any information about private insurance until a while ago. At the end of the legal regulations, some insurances became compulsory, and the insurance sense began to slip from the public sector towards the private sector. The days when private insurers entered my life as private pensions were far behind.

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