Taner Çağatay, the founder of our company, completed the Master of Economics at Florida Atlantic University, and on July 23, 2001, T.C., on July 23, 2001, to apply the knowledge, skills and systems he has acquired since he completed 17 years of insurance business in the United States. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury, Cagatay İnsurance & Reinsurance Brokers Inc. It has been serving this sector for 30 years.

As it is known, insurance premiums constitute an important expense item for your company owners. In parallel, it is time-consuming, complex, costly business to determine the risks of your company, ensure proper coverage, and choose insurance companies that best meet those risks. In this case, working with an independent and professional Insurance & Reinsurance brokerage will save you both time and money considerably.


Çağatay Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Inc. in accordance with the underwriting risk analysis by the expert staff will make way for you, right guarantees are received from many specialized companies in Turkey at the most affordable prices. It checks your existing policies, examines collateral and prices. In addition, you have the authority and experience to prime your large enterprise projects in foreign reinsurance markets.

Thanks to our efforts that will not bring you any additional financial burden, we will carry out all transactions related to insurance companies during the year from your name Çağatay Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Inc. and alleviate your insurance premium burden with proper guarantees.


Thank you for choosing us...



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